Rogue Lazer™

Fultro Outdoors SKU: RLZ-303
Rogue Lazer™
Rogue Lazer™
Rogue Lazer™
Rogue Lazer™

Rogue Lazer™

Fultro Outdoors SKU: RLZ-303
  • Survivalist Military Grade Laser Beam. Exclusively On
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Laser beams are rays of electromagnetic radiation or energy that are strong, thin, monochromatic, directional, and within the visible light spectrum. For long distance transmission or with low beam divergence, laser beams can be targeted at small areas. If it propagates in the air at a high enough power, a laser beam may be visible.

What's included? 

 Single (1) Rogue Lazer (w/ built in star focus cap), (1) 18650 Battery (1) Charger
2 Pack

(2) Rogue Lazer (w/ built in star focus cap), (2) 18650 Battery (2) Charger

3 Pack (USB Version)

(3) Rogue Lazer (w/ built in star focus cap), (3) USB Chargers


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Make sure the laser beam does not enter your eye. Laser beams can be dangerous to eyes, causing permanent damage if they are in contact. Avoid the laser pointed directly at a crowd, at flying aircrafts or moving vehicles.

If you intend to observe the laser beam through a device, you should not gaze directly at it or use binoculars or other equipment. Lasers should never be pointed at mirrors or highly reflective surfaces.

To avoid damage due to children contacting the laser pointer (especially the high-powered ones), please keep it away from children.

For prolonged use of laser pointers, do not keep it on continuously for 30 seconds.

Whenever you are not using the laser pointer, remove the battery.

Professional maintenance technicians should be consulted if you need to disassemble, adjust, or repair.

Some countries prohibit the use of laser pointers (especially the higher powered ones).

In order to obtain and use it, customers must follow the local laws and regulations. You should also add this note to the product description in case of a resale, so an interested buyer can be informed before they make their purchasing decision.

Please visit Fultros Terms & Agreements page for further information before buying from our store.

By purchasing this product, Fultro LLC is not responsible for any personal injury.

Bright & powerful

Distance Based

Lazer Focus™

Ignite Matches - Cut Strings - Light Fireworks

Included Key Switch

Federal Regulations

Beta Testers


Besides being a bright, focusable, and long-running laser pointer, it also makes excellent holograms. There isn't much interest in that, but it is not easy to find a good holographic laser that is bright and reliable.  As far as I know, this one does. 

If you are around children, be cautious when using this laser. I don't consider it a toy. The device is high intensity, and should be used with an adult.

Akron, OH

As expected, Fultro products extraordinary. You can point out stars and constellations. I've recommended it to my buddies and family once it goes live to the public. It’s only downside is that the battery charger is not very powerful. Apart from that, it's by far the better than any cat laser.

Los Angeles, CA

A perfect survival tool if you find yourself lost and need to signal for help. The battery does drain fast, if you use it for long periods of time. However, on idle it lasts for a month or two.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm impressed! I used the laser to show students physics experiments. It's awesome, but also requires careful handling, because it is dangerous. During daylight hours, it can clearly be seen. Definitely worth the experience.

Mr. Foyer
Tulsa, OK

Initially, I was concerned wouldn't be as powerful as it was set out to be. However, I was wrong. Pointing at the stars with the laser is pretty cool. The material is durable. I would like to ask. Is it going to last long. I only used it for a week now. I guess we'll see.

Pasadena, CA

Being one of the beta testers for Fultro is cool. I get a free product every couple months. Honestly, I would have never purchased something like this, but I'm surprised how fun it can be. Beware, it can start fires and can be harmful if you stare at the light to long. Fun little toy though!

Boulder, CO
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