4 Fun Things You Didn’t Know the iPhone 12 Could Do

Remember when, back in 2007, the iPhone 1 was released by Apple? If so, you’ll remember how popular it was and how hugely impressed people were by features which by today’s standards, seem obsolete and primitive. 

Technology has come on leaps and bounds in those 14 years since Apple gave us the iPhone 1, and you wouldn’t believe some of the features that the latest incarnation of the iPhone has.

The latest iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Max devices may not seem like much of an upgrade to the iPhone 11, but in reality the newest iPhone on the scene is crammed full of additional features that many people didn’t know existed. 

Here’s a look at just 4 of the many fun things you didn’t know the iPhone 12 could do. 

Be submerged under water

Remember that feeling of dread and despair when you dropped your iPhone in a sink full of water when washing the dishes, or worse still, into the toilet when you visited the bathroom? After frantically removing it and submerging it in a bowl full of rice, if you were lucky your phone would work after a few days but normally it would mean buying a new one or claiming on your insurance. 

Well, gone are the days of worrying about water damage to your iPhone 12 as it has been designed to be waterproof and fully submergible in up to 6 metres of water. 

Now you can take your phone into the bathtub with you, drop it in the sink, and submerge it under water without having to worry about it breaking. 

Measure distances and heights

Ever wanted to know exactly how tall your buddy is, or how wide your bathroom actually is from wall to wall? Well, if you own an iPhone 12 Pro, you will no longer need to wonder. 

The iPhone 12 Pro has a Lidar scanner, which is a sensor that can measure the distance away from yourself and any items in front of your rear facing camera which is where the scanner is located. 

Using short laser pulses, the scanner scans the environment which then creatures a depth map which you can open with the ‘Measure app’ to determine things such as heights, widths, and distances. 

If you do a lot of DIY at home, this is a very useful feature to have. 

Record HDR videos utilizing Dolby Vision

Remember when 1080p displays were all the rage? Pfft, now they’re obsolete compared with the quality and displays offered by the latest iPhone. 

All of the latest iPhone models can record videos in HDR with Dolby Vision. High Dynamic Range videos are clearer and crisper than ever before, so combine that with Dolby Vision as Apple did, and you have the ultimate recipe for the clearest, sharpest, most visually impressive videos and images to date. 

Make HD FaceTime calls

Before, FaceTime calls were laggy, blurry, and pixelated, maxing out at a piffling 720p resolution. Now, though, FaceTime just got a high-definition upgrade. 

Assuming you are connected to WI-FI or 5G, your FaceTime calls will be in a HD resolution of 1080p so your video calls will be clearer and sharper than on any other previous Apple device.